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Nov 29, 2012 3:00pm EST
's going on in harry reid or john boehner's brain in anything is going on in begin with. if you look at treasuries overlaid on top of equities, until mr. boehner's comments, the treasuries have taken the big picture on all of this. they're not going anywhere fast. fiscal cliff is important, but there's a lot of issues for the next several years that are going to be important to the treasury market. once his comments were made, equities got a little volatile. you can see that was it. the treasury traders pretty much stopped trading, and it's been light volume ever since. >> but one issue, i guess, isn't there so much room to disappoint this market? given the fact the it is moving so much on any commentary out of washington, if we go over the fiscal cliff by december 31, is there a big opportunity for this market to sell off? it doesn't seem like it's priced in that we go over. >> maria, if we go over the cliff, sure, we're going to have a reactionary selloff. when you look at the fed now talking about qe-4, economic statistics are getting better, not worse. europe is slow e lily resol
Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm EST
talking about the bias to the upside toward the close. >> how worse headlines can you get than john boehner, the speaker of the house, saying we've gone nowhere on talks and the market moves higher? >> i don't know if it's because of a deal expectation as much as it's because of this morgan stanley rebalance and this movement toward the upside at end. i don't know if this is technical in nature. >> today i think it is. >> it's technical, yeah. >> before we go, brad, what would you buy? >> from a credit stand point, we're comfortable with a lot of these companies you're hearing could potentially come with a special dividend. you know, if they're still a highly rated company, it's a modest one-time uptick in leverage, we're still comfortable with that. the question really is if it's actually a change in the way a company's going to run itself from a leverage standpoint. we saw that with at&t. that was an underperformer in credit. if it's a one-time thing, i think we're comfortable. if it's a change in philosophy, that's when you'll see underperformance. >> all right, gentlemen. thank
Dec 5, 2012 3:00pm EST
planning. also, speaker of the house john boehner meeting with small business leaders on capitol hill where he reiterated some of his key points. again, just within the past hour. take a listen. >> business owners with us today are here to highlight president obama's demand to raise tax rates instead of cutting spending. his plan will hurt nearly 1 million small businesses around our country. that will affect hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> reporter: and guys, there are republicans here on capitol hill who are urging the speaker to cut a deal with the president. i talked to one of the earliest republicans to say, you know what, let's take a the president up on his offer to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody under $250,000 and at least take that uncertainty off the table and then continue to negotiate the rest to have later. some of the republicans are now coalessing around that view that they should give into what the president is suggesting, at least temporarily, and continue to negotiate on the rest because there's a lot of political pain here for republicans if we do get to the poi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3